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Product Pathshala focuses its content on the Product Management domain. We want to help all product enthusiasts across the globe to begin their journey in this field. Through our posts, we want to enhance the knowledge of aspiring product managers. Our podcast features product enthusiasts, future product leaders, and product experts who share their views and discuss the latest trends in the product world.


What is Product Management?

Want to become a Product Manager? But what is Product Management, swipe to start your journey with us!


What is the Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

Ever wondered what companies do with your feedback? They gauge insights through the Net Promoter Score.


What is Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)?

Every customer plays hard to get. Want to know how much you cost a company?


A place to find the 'Next Big Things' in Tech

How product hunt is rewriting the rules of news aggregation to keep users curious about the tech world. Let us explore!


What is the Product Life Cycle?

Demystifying the myths of the product life cycle!


Google Glass - Failure or success?

Back in 2012, Google, the world's leading tech giant launched 'Google Glass', a device that was way ahead of its time in terms of technology. People believed this could be the next revolution. But then Google pulled it back from the market What was the main reason behind this? Was the product a success or a failure? Presenting the second episode of our podcast featuring Mr. Samarth Agrawal, co-founder of 'Product Pathshala', ex- Senior Product Specialist with over 4 years of experience in product space. He helps us decode the curious case of 'Google Glass'. He lays down all aspects of the case and also suggests some key takeaways that any product manager should remember.


Demystifying myths of Product Life Cycle

What if we told you, that we all have been incorrectly using the Product Life Cycle? Yes, you read that right. Product Pathshala presents its first podcast episode - Demystifying the myths of one of the most used frameworks in marketing strategy - The Product Life Cycle. We are privileged to have product consultant and enthusiast Priyanuj Gogoi as our first guest on the channel. We would be talking about the various stages of the PLC and how they are being used in the industry. And finally, we would delve into the limitations of the framework.