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Mental health art on healing and celebration.


You can always start again

Because you can always start again! Wishing you a happy Ganesh Chaturthi!


You work hard but do you also rest hard?

Have you heard this before ”To be successful in life you work harder and faster. There is nothing else to it. I am exhausted but I prioritize what’s not”. So there we have it we add words like “exhausted” and busy, and wear them as a badge of honor. Is it all that we have in life? Working and hustling for what? Working to live or living to work? We are going to hustle sure but we are also going to rest. I wish to live in a world where, when asked “How are you doing?” I should be able to say “ I am well rested and how are you doing! Let’s sit and talk about it!”


Do what you love

When we are passionate about something we never count the hours. The dreams match the expectations. So make sure you are doing what you love.


My first fair as an artist

Last weekend we the students of @masters.union organized the Dropshipping Fair at @worldmarkgurgaon. Here in Masters Union, we believe in learning by doing, therefore to understand the business our Term 1 academic project was to run a dropshipping project. From Dog food to Scented candles, from plants to home decor, you name it we had everything at this grand festival. Being a digital artist I always wanted to sell my art offline, and participating in the dropshipping fair was a dream come true. Here are the learnings: 1. Learned about consumer behavior in real life. 2. How to position the product and serve the customer better. 3. How to price the product effectively so that the consumer doesn’t have buyer's remorse. 4. how to improve sales, and 5. most importantly how to have fun while doing business.


Are you well rested?

“I constantly remind myself that resting takes confidence. Anyone can train like a mad person but to embrace rest and to allow all the hard training and work to come out takes mental strength” - Ryan Hall


Don't listen to the voice inside your head

Letting go of negative thoughts doesn’t mean you aren’t mindful of them. It just means that you love yourself. It means you chose to believe in yourself despite all the negativity that was pulling you down.


You are more than your job title

While it’s important to work hard it’s also important to have your sanity intact. Your work might seem like the only motive of your life, but is it the case? You are so much more than the contributions you make at the workplace. You are a cumulative of what you contribute at your home, your social circle, your hobbies, opinions, your ideals, mentors, and of course work. If your work is Moon, then your home is Planet Earth, your social life is planet Venus, and what you wish to become is planet Jupiter. All of this constitutes you, the Universe!


It’s okay to feel weird

It’s okay to feel weird. It’s okay to feel. It’s okay to be still. It’s okay to not know. It’s okay to not agree. It’s okay to speak up. Allow yourself to feel. Allow yourself to honor yourself. Allow yourself to heal.