What is the Creator Challenge?

The Masters' Union Creator Challenge is a nine-week graded project in which our students work individually or in teams to start a channel, create content, and build a loyal community.

Why is Creator Challenge an Academic Project at Masters’ Union?

The creator economy market has reached an outstanding $104.2bn. Research also states that one billion people will self-identify as creators over the next five years.

It is increasingly becoming the marketing channel of choice for top businesses, where they are moving away from advertising through ads to advertising with influencers. Gone are the days of pushy ads. The new approach to marketing is centered around creators.

We strongly believe that to create savvy marketers for the future, our students need to learn the trade of the creator economy! And in line with our learn-by-doing approach, we empowered them to become creators themselves. To kick off their journey, they had mentoring sessions with top influencers including Raj Shamani and Manish Pandey.

At the end of the challenge, up to 3-5 teams will be given a grant (in collaboration with Youtube) of up to Rs. 10L to continue building their channels.

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